I paid for API, but got less money on my account, than I paid

I’ve met that strange situation several times already. I paid $5 or $10 for an API, but got actually less money to my account. ($3,75 when I paid $5 and ~$8 when I paid $10. And every time the number is different, but always less than what I paid, except for the first payment in the month.)
It didn’t say that It will take any tax funds or commission from me. So I don’t even know, why is that and what should I do.

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If you paid $10 and received $8 on your account then that sounds a lot like UK VAT. May I ask the country your account is registered in?

Sorry, I don’t know, what is VAT i am not that familiar with the specific english terms… I mean… I don’t knowz what they sound like in English.
I registrated from Ukraine

Does the Ukraine have a “value added Tax”? i.e. for some item that costs $10 do you pay $12 including local taxes?

Yes, we have that. I thought of that, but my bank didn’t seem to inform me of it, and like I said - the site never showed me any fees or something needed.
And there’s more. When I pay $10 for the first usage of the month - I do receive $10. But then I receive less. Sometimes it even seems, that at one moment, when I run out of money - I like “overuse” a bit. Using some of the API above what I paid for. I thought, that maybe I get less, because I need to cover thT “overuse”, but it doesn’t fit. The difference is bigger.
I was thinking, that maybe there are some problems on the site, that it displays things incorrectly or maybe I did something wrong with the billing settings…

Yes, same thing happens with my payments from the UK, the payments system for taxable locations is still quite early in it’s development. I think OpenAI are taking the tax hit for month 1 and then they pass it on to you afterwards.

So what should I do? It is quite confusing. Right now I see this:

Somehow I spent $4,11 even though I had $3,75 on my account, for paying $5.

While usage scale shows it… In a totally different way.

Alright. So there is no actual solution… Thank you anyways, kind person.

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