I paid but I was not activated any billing plan

Hello to all !
A few days ago I cancelled my paid plan and now I’m looking to do it again.
I entered my credit card to use the OpenAi Key.
They took almost 5 euros from the card,
but if I go to my profile → settings → billing,
tells me “Start billing plan again”. Shouldn’t it already be active since I paid?
In the section “Billing History” does not give me anything and says “No invoices found”
Where did the money I paid go?

Thank you so much for any reply

You might have simply seen an authorization to your card, which checks the payment method is working. The time that is held before being released is dependent on the bank.

You don’t simply “add payment method”. You must proceed through to purchasing pre-paid credits in order to user the API if you don’t have an older monthly plan in effect any more.

The billing overview page will show your current credit balance.

Hi, thanks for the answer.
This is what I see on the Billing page.
The payment is “not accounted for”. So how do I add $5 and use the openai Key? Do I have to re-enter the card? Would I get another 5 euros?


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