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I need credits Please :frowning:

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Web98: Fantasy Internet Simulator

What is it?

i’ve been working on a new kind of browser — a fantasy internet simulator

it works like any other browser: type a URL or a search query, and it loads a page!

but in this case, the page isn’t coming from the internet. it’s coming from chatGPT.

and i’ve asked chatGPT to pretend it’s still 1996.

i like browsing the retro internet full of GIFs and marquees. but this browser can browse ~any~ internet that ever existed… or never existed.

ancient rome internet? what about the internet from star wars?

my favorite is the internet where everyone is really mean to you

you can put in any “world description” you want…

a cool emergent property of this is that you can ask for simple utilities, like unit converters and translators. and by filling out the forms, you can sometimes interact with them!

(sometimes gpt doesn’t get it)


You can either:

  1. Download the Testflight app
  2. Clone this repo and build it from Xcode

Note that either way, you’ll need to have an OpenAI API key sirry