I miss Dall-E 2. I NEED inpainting

I’m so crushed that I only have one credit of Dalle2 left. I need inpainting. I used inpainting 5-6x a day for my work. This is deeply affecting my productivity. I’ve had long conversations with chat gpt about it and it suggests I post here about my frustrations that ChatGPT can’t do inpainting. All it can do is create new images. I don’t need new images. I need the image I uploaded to be changed in the ways I want it changed, only in the areas where I need it changed.

I have not found any programs outside of OpenAI that work even as close to as good as dalle2 at inpainting. I’ve been looking for two months now. Nothing works like dalle2 did at inpainting. WHHHHHHHY did they do this?