I merged my Plus account with my new Teams account. Can invited team members see my chat history?

I merged my Plus account with my new Teams account.
I have the option to invite members now and my Teams subscription is minimum $50 per month for 2 members.

However if I invite another member, can they see all of my chat history? Does Teams result in them working in the same ‘workspace’ and seeing all Team members’ queries in ChatGPT?

I wouldn’t want this for the same reason people don’t want work colleagues seeing their Google search history. It’s private. Is that what Teams is or is it just a means for small businesses to get individual (and separate) accounts for each team member?

Hey there and welcome to the community!

To be clear, there are a lot of “what-ifs” about this new tier that many of us are actively trying to figure out, but because of its structure and lack of documentation, it is difficult to answer these with certainty at this time.

If you created the account, and you can see other people’s chat history, then that would be a privilege exclusive to you as the account owner. As far as we know, team members do not have access to other people’s chats.

Again, as far as we can piece together,

This is what Teams is intended for. AKA small businesses or groups of those who do not have an enterprise budget.