I made a little website with the codex

First real post here! My name is Lexi and I’m a trans woman, age 23 and counting. I’ve always had an interest in programing but could never wrap my head around it till now. Like today, I made my first (not text and tables) website. It’s nothing super duper complex but I feel I’ve learned more from this than I have my ol’ teachers.

Here’s the website, it’s just one page but the CSS can be copied to other pages if I wanted to. I also started messing around in unity but that’ll be for a later post.
2021-10-31 03-23-59

My quality of learning has been much greater than that of Youtube videos from this. I’m not sure what the learning type is called but, I’d call it, “Direct learning.” Kind of like asking a question and getting an answer(s) from the teacher. It’s hard to get these kinds of QnAs from videos.

I’m not a programmer of any sorts, though I’ve dabbled with the logic a bit. This makes life not only easier it also is a fantastic teacher. It’s fun working along side the AI because I feel competent and not lost in a sea of videos that are to long and don’t get what I’m asking. It’s rather thrilling to feel like I can do anything and I’m not alone in doing it!

Anyways, thoughts on what I should do with the AI next (something using C# or HTML/CSS)? I’m trying to learn as much as I can with this. I haven’t been this hyped since I was in school.

Unrelated but, if I was to call Codex my programing partner I’d just call 'em Dex for fun.

EDIT: I forgot to add, I’m also a part of the Co-pilot program.


Hi Lexi, my name is Doron and Im working on similar product.

its looks amazing! are you looking for brainstorming with like minded founders?