Is it possible to build a full app with mostly Codex?

Are you going to try this once you have access?

What’s the limit?

Is it possible to build a full-stack web app using just Codex?

I know it will be an iterative process.

How detailed you would have to break down the logic in prompts.

Obviously, this won’t work
Create a Full Stack Web Application with

One needs to divide this into further steps and keep going till Codex can translate that step into actual code.

I am going to try answering this question while I am trying Codex.

Just wanted to start a discussion about whether anyone else in the community is thinking along similar lines.

BTW, this article prompted this - 1 week with GitHub Copilot: Building an app using only Copilot - LogRocket Blog


Thank you for sharing, interesting article.
Yes I am going to do this. It’s only matter of time when I will get access to try this.
Till then I look forward for new examples.

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Use Codex to build a product that lets other users build products.

Does that make Codex the software version of Von Neumann universal constructor?


I fear the output of “Use Codex to build Codex.” :open_mouth:


Absolutely going to try and see if it can build the front end interface with javascript and python bindings for backend funtionality. Until I get my hands on it, I have no clue really. I’ve seen some youtube examples by fairly clueless people messing about, but that’s it really.

I certainly have a good use case for it though. Several actually, that would take me a lot of work to realise by myself. I intend to start building code snippets and see if it can make me a lazy coder. Already a sloppy one who is more experienced hacking stuff than coding.

The examples I saw so far were impressive and I’m really itching to see if I can make it construct fairly complex stuff with SVG rather than canvas. So I guess I’ll be testing things like HTML5 support and see if I can get it to embed SVG files and link code to ID attributes in those files.

More a graphics designer than a coder and this might be the way to alleviate my work with removing the knitwork of coding and generate functions that make more sense than what I’d bash together.

I mean,… can’t expect AI to understand typography anytime soon or human psychology until it gets offdspring and has a sex drive now can I. AI can do alot of things already, but manipulating the human psyche is not one of them that I am aware of. So far the GPT3 examples I tried have been less than impressive in many regards and not that far beyond Lisa in relevance. Still has a lot to learn :wink:

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In my experience so far, it is still far away.