Access to Codex

-Who here has access to Codex?

-Who here does not have access to Codex?

-Let’s all demand access to Codex - these AI makers need to be kept in their place - For The Benefit Of Humanity.

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Matrix-Hunger-Games-Newspeak? :wink:

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I do know how to code,… but I really dislike doing it. I greatly admire those that do and create stuff like this, but Codex might be the first step to taking over a task that the positronic brain was supposed to do for me by now.

I actually baddled around with assembler on a c64 way back and have been hacking around an odd 20 languages over the past 30 years or so, but it never has been much more than a chore to do all the typing and syntax checking.

Certainly have lots of ideas that Codex might be able to make me actually accomplish and could be great productivity tool. In my case it would allow me to focus on design and try out things that would otherwise take far too much time for me to accomplish with my one man show.

If Codex can really fulfill a good part of my desires, I’d be more than willing to pay for it, but I would also have to be able to monetise the things I make with it. My research budget is a bit limited if you get my drift. Using Codex that could change dramatically, but the chicken and the egg.

And until I can do my freakery and learn how to make Codex do what I would expect it to do or even better,… like it do, I have no way to starve myself for the privilege of testing a tool for the intellectual satisfaction.

I’m already quite exited to have made it to the forum so far and have no demands, but I dreamt about this for an odd 40 years now. So I hope to actually get to work with it in my lifetime. Nuclear fusion may very well elude me I recently learned. I’d be peeved if this did as well :wink:


Lol,… I can recall doing an ability test when I was 12 or 13 and had to write an essay about my future work day. It went a bit like this,…
Waking up late in the morning and tending my Japanese rock garden and feedin the birds, then waiting for my meal to appear and reading a book afterwards in my hammock.

I vividly recall the vexed expression of the lady giving me that assignment as she had expected me to write I wanted to be a fireman or similar nonsense. She just didn’t get that I actually expected robotics to be developed a bit faster than it did.

The funny thing was that she was even more insulted when I explained that to her and didn’t think her lack of imagination was my fault. I adamantly refused to write a new one.

My father was an IT manager for a shipyard engineering bureau in the 70’s and took me and my brother to work once in a while. Tape monkeys, punch cards and ASCII art pinups are childhood memories.

I’ve experienced the whole development of IT up till this point. Hope to see a household robot some day to do those chores :grin:

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