I’m looking for a savior! I was thinking invited to join a group and in doing so lost my history

I’m coming to this group because I’m hitting dead ends with Open AI support. When a friend invited me to join his group, I think I changed my password or something, because a years worth of chat history is gone. I have several emails used from the very beginning, and I’m not sure which one has the history, the one I was using. Plus, a couple of them I no longer have access to. Can any super smart person help me sort this out? Please!

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

Please search your emails for @tm.openai.com

You should find this in the account that was used to setup your ChatGPT/API account, if you can’t find it then it is likely that it is with one of the email you no longer have access to. If that happens, I do not think there is much you can do.


Okay, I think I may have found something. The name I used was associated to another email, but it looks as though I used my my personal/primary email. Now, do you know how to restore history/chats?

Your history should not be missing if it’s the correct account, history is only erased if requested by the account holder.

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