File analysis issues leading to usage cap

I’m constantly running into issues where a csv file leads to coding problems by GPT-4, while sometimes it works fine. Dealing with these issues is frustrating enough, but by trying to solve these problems I very quickly run into the usage cap, rendering my Plus account useless. Doesn’t seem exactly fair when all I am getting is errors?

On top of that, there seems to be zero support available, so all I can do is wait for two hours, which is no luxury I have at the moment.

I guess this may be “whatever” for openai, but it would be nice to either not have faulty outputs count as “usage”, or otherwise raise my usage cap.

Of course, not having any errors would be ideal, but I can see that would be a lot more complicated to fix.

Anyway, perhaps I can get a response here, as there seems to be no other channel.

Good luck !

For me, sometime message cap is incremented of 2 or 4 for a simple text input. I will refrain myself to express what i’m thinking of the way they do things…