I have two different errors while using chatgpt

Can someone help me? I have the next two errors:
Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at help.openai.com.

Unable to load history.

Tried the next:
Clear cookies and cache
Tried 4 different browsers
tried different network
tried with and without vpn

Nothing seems to work. Who can help me?

I suspect there is a database problem with your account’s chat history, just like it says.

  1. delete the current conversation
  2. turn off chat history and training in settings
  3. try a different account
  4. press “clear all chats”

Proceed and test each in increasing order of work and negative effect. #4 will be the likely solution.

Thanks for reaching out.

  1. delete the current conversation
    i cannot see any conversations anymore

  2. turn off chat history and training in settings
    Not possible in settings / cannot even chose chatgpt 4

  3. try a different account
    I can try this but i will not have chatgpt 4.

  4. press “clear all chats”
    Not possible because i can’t see my previous chats because of the error “Unable to load history”

I tried a different laptop and everything seems fine… but i still want it to work on my work laptop.

Your first message made one think that this was something that was following your account around everywhere.

If it is a work computer that must connect through a company VPN, then it is likely they are blocking some of the resources that ChatGPT must load into the browser in order to operate.

This can be a domain https://cdn.oaistatic.com/ used for ChatGPT assets, which was recently registered by OpenAI, and might be flagged by corporate firewalls because of the newness of the unrecognized domain.

This is a company helpdesk problem.

I apologize for misleading you by not providing enough information.

I will present this to our IT employee tomorrow to see if this problem can be solved.

Btw: Thanks for the fast response