I have not acces to chatgpt 4 but i have pay

I am contacting you because I have a problem, just today I paid a first time chat gpt plus, I got the congratulations as I had access to the service except no I tried again one last time it told me that it is still paid and I still have no access result I paid twice for nothing so I canceled one of the two renewals without still having access. I look forward to hearing from you.


Same here
I had plus account but yesterday notice that my payment not completed, well i paid twice and after almost two days still i don’t have access to plus account
I found many topics like this, emailed support team, and nothing change


Hello, i am having the same issue. I was using chat gpt for some time till today. Now my chat gpt plus subscription is gone. What is going on? why support is not answering my messages? This is so unprofessional guys…


I am having the same problem . I paid twice and still free user. My registration email is 211407007@gmail.com


I don’t think posting here will change a damn thing
I need this amazing technology with such bad support.
Well, I’ve started finding open AIs developers on Twitter, Discord and LinkedIn and messaging them
I recommend you do this.
to have a better impact

I have the same issue. I don’t know the way to resolve this issue. I do not trust openai!!!

Same issue, i’ve sent 9 emails to support! Not even sure how to cancel!

Same problem, renewed my subscription and it says I am still on the free plan.
Whats going on?

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Join us here with the same problem: Paid for ChatGPT Plus but still getting free version

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Don’t ever EVER post your e-mail address on forums or public social media. Web crawlers will scan pages like THESE for emails and then send a ton of spam and phishing to it.

@edward5741019 @211407007


I have the same problem. So frustrating. I paid twice because I thought that my payment was failed but when I checked my subscription history, it was successful. I emailed the cs as well but I got no response from them till today.

Hi. Welcome. You’ve found an older topic, and it seems as though your issue is a bit different than those older concerns.

First we must establish if you are attempting to subscribe for $20/month to ChatGPT plus. That is the chatty AI at chat.openai.com. OpenAI has other services also, ones that use different payment methods.

As we are only other AI users in this forum, I can only help you understand what might be going on.

If you need your account and billing looked into, the method to contact OpenAI staff is via the help assistant icon at the lower right of help.openai.com. Good luck!

I paid $69 for that gbt app 4 and had access for 3 days then reads over capacity .
I want my money back. I feel scammed

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Same here. I don’t know what is going on. Is there anyone who has any idea with this happening?

I have paid annual fee on 17 Dec 2023 for ChatGPT4. However, I only use ChatGPT 4 once and can not log in again. It shows ChatGPT 3 on the screen.

Could a customer service representive or any friends would like to help solve this problem?

Many thanks!

That’s a big warning sign!

OpenAI has no annual fee for ChatGPT Plus.
Only a monthly subscription.

Find out if some app or site tricked you.

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