I have Found a Bug in GPT 4, is there a way I can report that?

Hi Team,

I am a QA tester and using GPT since the 1st month of its launch, I have seen it grow and learn.

However, there is this small functional yet logical bug that I would like to report, Since I am new here, can someone please guide me on where should I post that and whom should I tag or what should I do please?

Thank you,
Waleed Naeem

The forum has an API β†’ bugs section which you found, and there are a few interactions where OpenAI staff has actually seen and responded to what is being posted.

The other way to send a message is through β€œhelp” in your API dashboard, through messages, and the selection API β†’ feedback.

Neither have guarantee of any acknowledgement that your input was even read.

If a security or privacy bug with the platform, OpenAI has a bug bounty program. Bad model output or documentation - not a bug.

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Hi brother, thank you for the reply.

Yes, I understand the types of bugs. Yes, I would like to report a Functional and Logical bug.

I am going to do, what you told me to do. Thank you.