Is there a category that we can report bugs?

Is there a category where we can report bugs? I found a bug on my ChatGPT page, but I couldn’t find a category to submit or ask about it.

On this Discourse forum, no.

There is an Discord channel on the official OpenAI Discord site. However I have not seen any OpenAI employees respond to any of the reports, thus I consider the channel unofficial.

The official Discord is here OpenAI
There is a #bug-reports channel on the server.

Was there not a bounty for bug’s some time ago? :slight_smile:

The Bug Bounty program is for vulnerabilities in system security and the like, not functionality bugs.


There’s a bug when you title a conversation with an emoji on Safari (latest) it crashes, not due to API though. Ex. /c/f64acd16-778d-46f5-9221-696ef13819c5