I got banned from dale2 for the Prompt "A great spider warrior in battle"

Im sorry, can i get it back and ill be more careful in the future?

I got warned for trying to make a sci-fi space battle. I think battle is the tricky word here.

Is there anyway to get into contact with them? I tried Gmail, Twitter. And and the support chat rooms.

Nothing worked.

I have the same problem, I am sure the deactivation of my account was an error, but I can’t reach someone of Dalle to manually look into my case. How can we get in contact with someone of Dalle who can help us in such cases?

Did it deactivate your entire OpenAI account or just Dalle 2 access? I have a business using GPT-3 so if playing around with Dalle jeopardizes that it would be good to know…

From my observations “warrior” seems to be okay but “battle” “knife” and “gun” are not

I know they are not using NLU for their filter. its just a filter of words without context. Would be nice if we had access to such bag of words so we know what to use and what not to use.