Dalle-2 “This account has been deactivated”


I got invited to create with DALL·E about 9 days ago and so far, I was having a blast.
After I tried the prompt “A Computer with cables coming from beneath it, 1970s Vintage Magazine ad, scanned.” it got blocked by the content filter, I checked the terms and the policy again but didn’t
see anything I could have been doing wrong.
After removing parts of the prompt and trying a few times more, my Account got deactivated.

I already sent the Appeal Email, and I’m hoping it will get resolved soon.
But I would still like to know which part of the prompt was the problem, so if anybody knows, please let me know also :slight_smile:



My guess would be the word ‘coming’… their content filter is extremely sensitive, but from what I hear they respond well to appeals that make sense.

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