I Got accepted to the Gpt4 api, BUT IT DOSENT WORK

I recieved the email that i was accepted to the gpt4 api around two weeks ago. however, I do nit have access to it via the API or via OpenAI playground. I submitted a request around two weeks ago to the support team… still have no response, and as a developer I see support like this as insulting. below is the email inrecieved in my inbox 2 weeks ago.

I need a response from you guys, as I cannot develop my product further without a functioning api key, because if this, I have nothing new (or functioning because gpt3 cannot work correctly) to show my investors. and we all know that unhappy investors is not good at all.

Welcome to the community @unaidedelf8777
When you say you don’t have access to the model via API, do you mean it’s not showing in response to list models endpoint request ? Or that you’re getting an error?

PS: Good luck with your startup.

correct, it dosent show in the model list endpoint. or the chat completions. do you have to specify the org id?

Unless you’re part of multiple orgs, you don’t have to specify the Org ID. I don’t.

Also are you sure that you’re logged in with the same org account that you used to apply for access to gpt-4?

i believe i am. im gonna invite my current acc to my old accounts org. idk how it could help but woth a try

by some miracle it worked, i just need to pass the org header in all requests. lol im kinda dumb