I created over 20 GPTs and now they have disapearred from the playground...?

Can anyone tell me how to recover them my GPTs that were in the Playground and now are all gone. I would appreciate any assistance.

Does openai automatically delete GPTs? I haven’t found that to be the case.

This is a first for me. All my work disappeared…

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When you say GPTs and playground… these things are not compatible, GPTs are part of ChatGPT and the playground is part of the API testing system.

Could you elaborate on what you mean exactly?

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My playground wasn’t populated with GPTs. Now, they reappeared are now in a couple of different lists…, which I don’t want. Do you know how to “move” files from one list to another? Or do I have to recreate the GPTs on the list where I want them?

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Do you mean Assistants? GPTs are not available through the playground.