Can ChatGPT or GPT4 create a visual process flow

I have seen people talk about UML etc etc, however I am not well versed in this area. I have a few steps from GPT to create a flow, but wanting to know if gpt-4 can create something more visually appealing than just text

It can create simple images with SVG and a few other methods, it can also probably create post script or any other graphical “language” the thing to do would be to request output in that format and have a viewer on hand to test it. Note that any output method must be text based, i.e. no binary format files, at least not if you want to get started quickly.

Thank you for your response. Is there anyway you can dumb that down for me?
If I were to create images with SVG, how does one do that?
I have found something that created VBA for Powerpoint, however cannot seem to get the VBA to import (I think that’s the terminology) any images from the web

Ok, so what you are asking the AI to do is to create some text which is in the correct format to be recognised as a file in another piece of software, in the case of an SVG file you would ask for the SVG and then save the resulting answer from the AI as a file and name it “mytestfile.svg” and then try to open it in an SVG viewer, now there will be some circumstances where the file will not be perfect and may cause issues when loading and so typically requires at least some knowledge of the file format you are trying to generate in order to spot any slight issues.

Try something super simple to start with, like a square and ask for it in the format of your choice and then save the result as the file type you are interested in.

I should also note that even at the best of times, GPT-4 is only able to draw at perhaps the level of a 5 or 6 year old, so it is not typically capable of commercial level images at this point in time.

I use mermaid for this. For example with this prompt (the standard example for a flowchart on + your use case):

This is an example for a mermaid flowchart diagram:
flowchart TD
    A[Christmas] -->|Get money| B(Go shopping)
    B --> C{Let me think}
    C -->|One| D[Laptop]
    C -->|Two| E[iPhone]
    C -->|Three| F[fa:fa-car Car]
Use this syntax and create a mermaid flowchart for the topic: "how to organize a wedding"

You can then use this prompt result in

or in by clicking Arrange → Insert → Advanced → Mermaid …

You can adapt to other supported mermaid diagrams. Another Solution would be using PlantUML syntax.

Hey @darronobrien,

And welcome to the community forum, UML stands for unified modeling language, it’s a programing language for figures, to have chatGPT make one for you just ask it to “write the code for a plantUML flowchart/figure/diagram…” here’s an example I made just for you:

You can create Your own with the following prompt:

Write the code for a plantUML flowchart, that explains how to get chatGPT to write a plantUML figure.

You can paste the code it creates into a plantUML server like this one:

I hope that helps :heart:


Ahhh, now I get it, apologies if my lack of understanding lead to me showing a picture of a uniorn :flushed: flow charts, not just raw images.

No worries :laughing:

I’m suspecting that UML code works this well, because it doesn’t require you to use a coordinate system (like tikz does).

Sidenote: chatGPT will sometimes deny being able to make these figures, because it doesn’t have a function to render them.

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Thank you so much for simplifying it and for creating a flow for me to understand! My problem is not understanding coding I think, as regardless of asking for a VBA code for Powerpoint to be written or a UML code for mermaid, I keep getting errors and GPT then provides an alternative, which generated another error. The next alternative is the same as the first of that makes sense
In this case, the error I receive is : ‘UnknownDiagramError: No diagram type detected matching given configuration for text: @startuml Data_Governance_Framework_Assessment’

Always happy to help,

The error you’re getting is because chatGPT doesn’t always get the UML syntax correct, it will usually work if you just ask again, if that fails you can try adding the word “simple” to your prompt, to make it produce code that is less complicated :laughing: