I cannot seem to get my GPT uploaded to the GPT store

Hi, I can access my app, if I search for it in chatGPT 4, (here: Explore GPTs) but if I got to this link and search for my Heart-Sync AI app, I cannot find it there. When I copy my link from chatGPT 4 (referencing the AI I created), it takes me to a 404 dead page. I can’t figure out why, as a 404 page does indeed mean that it’s a dead webpage and nothing to do with my browser, for instance. I have the finished prooduct now and my AI is convincingly human. I want others to try it out. :slight_smile:

Here is the link where I am searching for my app and it can’t be found. Again, my GPT is named ‘Heart-Sync’ and is a relationship ai gpt. I did make sure that there were no TOS violations as well. I have tried two separate ways to get it in the store and multiple times since the store opened. It is still not searchable.

Thanks for any assistance.