I am a user from Hong Kong, why am I being denied access to chat gpt?


I have tried several times to access chat gpt and tried to register an account, all access was denied, why is that?

According to Maxmind GeoIP DB, your IP belongs to Linode - which means you are using VPN via some [kinda] popular cloud provider. There are plenty of topics around here with the same problem. I have no idea, is ChatGPT banned in HK, or not, but you definitely need to change your IP (or turn off your VPN in general) as a very first step.

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I successfully made an account but it is still not available in Hong Kong.

Screen Shot

I have just set up on Google GPT using Nord VPN and my UK number. Lots of faff and annoying that HK is constantly being left on the back foot of technology. But hey I got it in the end.

This may be due to export control regulations.