I am a ChatGPT Plus subscriber but I am still getting blocked during high demand sessions

As title says, I am upgraded to ChatGPT Plus but I am still seeing High Capacity and cannot access ChatGPT…


Same here - there’s effectively no difference from before, except now we’re paying $20 a month not to get access.


I found going directly to: https://chat.openai.com/chat to solve my problem

it doesn’t work, i can’t login

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I feel like an idiot. I gave these guys 20.00 of my m money to be jus like I was not paying. Unable to get anything done and have to wait like a little beach.

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Same here. GPT lied with this subscription.

This does not work either. This subscription was a waste of money it seems like.

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I have yet to have any issues with login or anything else since im subscribed to pro, not sure why you all have these problems. If capacity is at the limit and your login details are not saved when attempting to chat to chatgpt, you can input your email to receive a login link, which always works for me.


The same here.
I regret paying this $20.00 dollars.

Same here, I upgraded to plus but it seems that whether i can access the bot or not still depends on whether or not the server is at capacity or not. Same thing as before, keep refreshing the page like an idiot feeling ripped off.

I can log in but cannot converse. When looking at the requests, it looks like the backend-api/conversation endpoint the POST request goes to is not going through. 524s, so it’s more on cloudflare’s end. Still upsetting that the service they are using is unreliable here.

That’s a bummer. I thought guaranteed uptimes was one of the perks of Plus. Do you at least find the actual response speed faster with ChatGPT Plus once you’re logged in?

No, the speed is the same. I also tried to make a php-script and one script won’t be finished

Im not sure whats happening in this thread, to me it looks like false information on purpose to discredit the company? I’m subscribed to plus and i can tell you that it is quicker compared to the free version. Also when server is at capacity, you can input your email to receive a login link send to you with which you can login.


What’s happening is that honest people who paid aren’t getting the access that you’re lucky enough to be getting. Rather than assume that others are lying for some reason, maybe consider that your experience isn’t what we’re experiencing.

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I am a subscriber, but I can still not log in when it says it is in its capacity.

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I am also a subscriber, but there is no ways I can login to my account to use that service

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Same here. I started using chatGPT a few weeks ago and noticed that its not always accessible due to the limitations of the server. I subscribe last week and paid the USD20 subscription fee. Everything was okay until today. I can’t login and i keep getting the “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” page. And this process is unpleasant as i have to input my email twice (once at the ChatGPT is at capacity right now page and the other when trying to login in) but it keeps redirecting me to the server at capacity page. Is it possible that too many people have already subscribed and the servers cannot handle the paid subscribers too? Lucky are the ones who have not experienced this. I hope they understand that just because its not happening to them, does not mean its not happening to others.

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Same here but it seems is a problem with ChatGPT servers at the moment and it began yesterday:

same thing for me, plus subscriber, but cant login…is there any other authorisation link for plus subscribers, it just the do block access to authorosaiton page, and hsould be checked and blocked only after authorisation has been made…