How to track a custom GPT usage?

Hi! How do I track the usage of my custom GPT?
I made it public, I’ve shared the link, but I have no ideia if people are using it…



I am also interested in how to track custom gpt usage.

When I go the Explore page in ChatGPT 4.0 it shows me the GPTs I’ve made with a number next to them

I determined by experiment that this includes both use from my account and use from others. I think, also from experimenting, that this is either unique sessions or unique chats but NOT a question counter,

Yes, looks like that’s the number of threads so far. I also discovered these are both my usage and others. But still… far from ideal. I need some statistics, positive or negative feedbacks, etc etc…

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I’ve thought about writing a tool GPTs could invoke assuming they followed instructions to do so but I think it’s likely that tools like this will be part of the store rollout so am holding off.

following. I would also like to know this. just created my first custom gpt and would like to know what people are asking so i can improve it.

What stats are you looking for? Currently building solution

Daily usage of the GPT. Number of interactions per query. Token counts. User rating of answers? Type of query: assertion, document upload, or link.

Thank you

@tevslin why token count, if we’re talking about customGPTs on the marketplace?

@danielnorkin I would also love to know what stats or information you want to have about your GPT’s usage

Interested both in how much revenue I’m helping to generate for OpenAI and what users are spending to use the GPT. Possible useful in making the GPT better

Hi, is there an answer to this question is there any published information on tracking the usage of custom GPT is I publish now that they’re more publicly available?

Not that I know of. I nearly finishing building a tool that allows you to do that though, if you want to be a beta tester

Hey Peter, we’d be more than happy to test it out.
Here’s my personal email if you mind reaching out with some more info: [my email]

hey @Cassandra looks like your email was redacted. Try this google form I just whipped up: [Broken Link]
EDIT: Here is a fixed link:

Hi - I was wondering if there had been updates on this? In addition to any top level general stats re: # of users, I’d be interested in typical stats to measure engagement and retention. For example, trends around # of new users engaging with the GPT, length of session, whether they repeat visit, correlation of repeat visitors with likelihood to retain (in this context, use the GPT consistently) over time. Also curious to see if there is a place to track any user feedback. And a way to get a sense of tone/tenor/topic of queries people are using when they engage. (To see if used as intended or evolving) Thanks!

@textwhisperer These features aren’t available to GPT builders yet. If you’re interested, I’m building something that would help you get information on most of the things you outlined, so if you’re interested in being a beta tester, you can fill out the google form I put above

Thanks! The form was locked. Will this be some sort of external integration?

Oh thank you for the heads up. Looks like it was some issue with my org email, so i just remade the form on a diff email: Let me know if that one works!

Yeah, it’s external. I’m an indie dev, not an OpenAI rep

I’d assume as long as it operates inside openai platform, such tracking won’t be available and aligned with privacy policy. You can see approx how many chats have been started with your GPT but that’s all.

Yes, but some statistics would be helpful. Like users location, avg chat per user, # chats per day, etc…

plus the wrong doings (the ones you would like to share), in order to improve the GPT