How to track a custom GPT usage?

Hi! How do I track the usage of my custom GPT?
I made it public, I’ve shared the link, but I have no ideia if people are using it…


I am also interested in how to track custom gpt usage.

When I go the Explore page in ChatGPT 4.0 it shows me the GPTs I’ve made with a number next to them

I determined by experiment that this includes both use from my account and use from others. I think, also from experimenting, that this is either unique sessions or unique chats but NOT a question counter,

Yes, looks like that’s the number of threads so far. I also discovered these are both my usage and others. But still… far from ideal. I need some statistics, positive or negative feedbacks, etc etc…

I’ve thought about writing a tool GPTs could invoke assuming they followed instructions to do so but I think it’s likely that tools like this will be part of the store rollout so am holding off.

following. I would also like to know this. just created my first custom gpt and would like to know what people are asking so i can improve it.