How to safely use ChatGPT plugins

I want to know how to safely use plugins for ChatGPT. OpenAI told me to be careful about installing plugins. When I researched this, I found “ChatGPT Has a Plugin Problem,” " Plugin Vulnerabilities: Visit a Website and Have Your Source Code Stolen," and “ChatGPT Plugins: Unveiling the Hidden Security Risks in Your Conversations.” I assume that I need to confirm each plugin is safe. When I researched how to do so, I came across the article " Navigating AI: A Guide to Safe Usage of ChatGPT Plugins" which ChatGPT agreed with. However, I couldn’t figure out how to obtain the necessary information to follow the recommendations.

Let’s use TotalQuery Search as an example. When I pressed the globe icon next to developer info where I found the plugin in the Plugin Store, and was redirected to a webpage. There, I saw the terms of service and was informed that their Search API is coming soon. When I researched TotalQuery Search, the best I could find was “Overview Of AI/ChatGPT Plugin TotalQuery Search” which only provides a description and the date it was last updated. When I checked the developer info for MixerBox WebSearchG, I received a link to their ChatAI. When I searched, the best I could find was “Overview Of AI/ChatGPT Plugin MixerBox WebSearchG,” which also only gave a description and when it was last updated.

Could you please explain how to either obtain information about the developer, the privacy policy, and the ratings, or suggest a different method to determine if a plugin is safe to use?