Plugin development and Legal implications

Hi everyone,

I’m about to submit a plugin for review. This plugin enables the user to access live (public) data from many third party providers. Generally, the data is correct but I can’t rule out the possibility of bugs originating from either my end, the third party’s end, or ChatGPT. Given this, I’m looking for ways to protect myself legally.

How are you all dealing with this ? As an individual is it safe to provide a plugin to the general public through ChatGPT ? Is there a common disclaimer document I can reference in the legal_info_url attribute? Additionally, is this legal information ever actually presented to the users? I’ve been able to successfully install third party plugins without accepting any terms of usage or legal terms

On the other hand, clause 6 of OpenAI’s plugin terms (6. Indemnification; Disclaimer; Limitation of Liability) makes it clear who is accountable.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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