Concerns over Safety: Data Storage in Memory Bank Plugin

I am curious about the Memory Bank plugin and its saved conversations.

  1. Where are these conversations stored
  2. Am I able to delete these conversations
  3. Are there any safety concerns about the stored data

GPT-answer with Memory Bank and web-search enabled:

As an AI developed by OpenAI, I don’t have the capability to directly delete data from the Memory Bank Plugin. The deletion of data would need to be handled by OpenAI’s internal systems or administrators.

If you want to delete data, I would recommend reaching out to OpenAI directly or contacting the support team of the platform where you’re using this AI assistant. They should be able to provide more information on how to delete data stored in the Memory Bank Plugin.

If you’re using this AI assistant on a specific platform (like a chat application or a website), there might be platform-specific instructions or commands for deleting data. You would need to check the documentation or help resources for that platform to find out more.



You have a good question about plugin policies - and one that the AI can’t answer.

Plugins are third-party additions. They interact with another developer’s API, and that is where the information would be stored.

That you can’t discover the developer of the plugin, their website, how your personal data is being handled, etc, would be quite concerning to me, and should be a primary consideration for OpenAI when contemplating whether a plugin should be approved.

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I think it would be best to reach out to the plugin developer to get details of their particular privacy policy.

Also, it should be noted that the LLM behind ChatGPT is using a dataset that ends in 2021, it has no knowledge of events after that time. The answer it created for you was a best prediction of what the text would look like as an answer to your query. The AI will hallucinate information that does not exist to create a response that is the most probable given the context.

Hi @vdmeerjohannes

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Based on my understanding of the plugin, it looks like the plugin you are using stored conversation on a separate infrastructure, than OpenAI’s.

Hence, unless the Plugin provides a functionality to delete the stored conversations, they will be stored by the plugin as long as the plugin dev wants.

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Each plugin will has two fields in the required file ai-plugin.json

  • contact_email
  • legal_info_url

I do not know if these are checked for validity and responses by OpenAI before being added to the ChatGPT store.

If you know the name of the plugin you can find the files by using a site such as

and searching for the plugin by name, in this case Memory Bank

For the plugin you will find


The file ai-plugin.json contains

  "contact_email": "", 
  "legal_info_url": ""

In checking their site found


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