How to report an error or lack of service?

I have an app that is currently experimental. Over the past 24 hours I have been getting ServiceUnavailableError frequently. I’m not making a high volume of calls, but the app needs to make 50 or so calls to complete its processing, and now gets this error before that number is reached, so is not completing. I am, however, paying for the calls that it does make. The API error codes page says " If the issue persists, contact our support team via chat . . " but the link does not go to a chat page, and I can see no way of contacting the support team. Does anyone know how to contact them, please?

On there’s an icon at the lower right. That lets you send a message after clicking through a tree of options.

You need to make your application fault-tolerant, with retries for service errors, or batch input skips for bad data. It also sounds like you have a job that you should code so that it can resume where you left off. You can expect that everything API in the world won’t be up 100%.

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It’s obvious now you’ve told me, but you’ve saved me time and frustration.
As I said, the app is currently experimental. At least I’m learning from it.
Thanks for taking the trouble to reply, and for your help and advice!

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