How to provide credentials for testing a mobile app?

Dear OpenAI team,

We are working on an iOS app. In about a week, we would like to send it to " OpenAI Pre-Launch Review Request". However, it is not clear to us how we can share credentials if the app is not available in the App store.

Is sharing an invite link to invite testers to TestFlight sufficient for the reqeust? (TestFlight - Apple Developer)


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Hi Jan! Apologies for the delay; I totally missed this.

TestFlight should be sufficient, I believe. Tagging @ishant.singh from the safety team for more thoughts on this.

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Thanks for tagging @raf. Yes, TestFlight works for us.

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@raf @ishant.singh Thanks for the answer. One more thing are OpenAI filters considered as a sufficient measure for the content moderation?

Yes, having the OpenAI content filter is usually sufficient, but if you have a very specific use case, we can discuss it during the review process. Hope that helps!

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