How to PROPERLY report a bug to OpenAI

regarding the jun 12th, 2024 bug:

This is how to report a bug - the proper way if you will

the first step is to visit the right url:

than click on the bottom left on the round icon on the bottom left:

than click on the bottom right icon “Home”:

Now scroll down and click on ask a question:

Now follow this responses to submit the problem:

as you guys can see, there is no reporting that there is a bug/issue (despite the many posts about this issue) on :

as mentioned by the mods, this forum isn’t the place to get the attention for the bug for chatgpt, but I think reporting is the right way, its just a bit hidden:

working work arounds:

  • use the free version
  • use a smartphone

other issues that are also happening since yesterday (and for some even longer):

  • the playground goes to black screen after responding for about 5 secs
  • for the playground there isn’t a place to report an issue there, before the gpt-4o update, or maybe even before gpt-4, there was a button to report issues directly on the playground, which is not there anymore as we can see bellow:
  • and when attempting to submit an issue, there is not playground option too:

making comments here won’t help, as a moderator pointed out, so make sure to follow the above guide to report this! at least for chatGPT there is a way to report this, as for the poor playground, there isn’t! hopefully this will get fixed soon!

seems like they are working on it, this tutorial is lockable

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