How to increase usage limit, sent form to OpenAI still not response

Hello everyone,

The day before yesterday, we reached to a Usage limit of OPEN AI API. We requested them to increase it, as per their documentation; within one business day, they increased the limit, but still, we haven’t received any response from their side.

Can anyone guide how we can directly reach them via email or how long it will take to increase the usage limit?


There are other posts having the same issues, going on for months. If it’s urgent, you could consider using Azure… the models are the same but you can avoid the limits.

I didn’t get what is Azure.

Can you please explain what exactly it is

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform. They have OpenAI services as part of their offering.

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Ask GPT :slight_smile: - Just Joking!

Azure is like AWS or Google Cloud, it’s a cloud computer platform run by Microsoft and they have a near identical copy of the models running there. You can sign up online and can even get a fair bit of free credit (way more than OpenAI) to test for 30 days and then just pay as you go.