How to get the API key for get-4 and how to run the model on Python


I am trying to use the API key for gpt-4. Does it automatically generate the API key for gpt-4 once you subscribe? What is name of the model to be used in the coding? Is it gpt-4-1106-preview?

Can this model read images?

Thank you

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Here’s a great Quick Start guide that will get you started and should answer all your basic questions. If you run into problems, be sure to stop back by and let us know, so we can try to help.

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Yes I have followed the guide to set-up the openai library and try to execute a request but I am still encountering issues.

An ongoing subscription to ChatGPT does not affect an API account.

To unlock access to GPT-4 models, one must have made a payment with a payment card previously, such as by adding that payment method to an API account at and purchasing the minimum prepay credit.