How to get authorization to use Powered by ChatGPT in the Apple Appstore app description?


Apple is asking for a documentary evidence of the necessary rights to distribute an app with the third-party content from OpenAI.

The issue is because we used the Powered by ChatGPT in app screenshots, however I see a lot of apps have this phrase with no issues.

How to get this authorization?

Welcome to the forum.

I would reach out here if you haven’t yet…

Good luck.

Thanks Paul,

Can’t get ahold of anyone there!

It’s been 2 weeks, I have a really popular app and need this ASAP to move forward.

Hey, @Senseijack!

Did you get an answer from OpenAI Help, did you get the written consent?
I did ask the same question about a month ago and I did not get a response yet! :frowning:


We encountered a similar problem as yours. May I ask how you eventually solved it?

I just noticed your question! Unfortunately, I still haven’t been able to solve it as no one has gotten back to me from OpenAI yet. :confused: We had to redo all the screenshots and wording to remove any mentions of OpenAI and ChatGPT as per Apple’s review team’s demand.