How to force upgrade from "free grant" to "pay as you go" to use turbo model without limitations

Here I described strange situation. When I use “gpt-3.5-turbo” model I instantly get 429 error, after fast sending several requests one by one. This is happening on my account, which currently has free grant:

At the same time, on another account (my clients one) everything is working fine. The only difference is that I am currently on free trial usage and the client account already use funds he added (trial already expired). Another difference is that my client had previously “Plus” subscription. However, currently it is expired, and as far as I understood it has nothing to do with API.

In this article Error Code 429 - Rate limit reached for requests | OpenAI Help Center I found following recommendation: “- If you are using a free or low-tier plan, consider upgrading to a pay-as-you-go plan that offers a higher rate limit.” . So have a suggestion, that I need to switch to “pay as you go”. However how exactly can I do that? How to force the upgrade from my free gran to pay as you go?

Go to your platform: Billing >> Overview

And click on [ Set up paid account ]:

Thank you, however that was already done before:

It seems, maybe I should finish all granted resource?

Guys, sorry, I guess I just confused the key. Everything is working fine now!

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