How to finetune again an already finetuned davinci model

I have already finetuned a Davinci model for 6 epochs but I’m not happy with the results, How do I fine-tune the same model for additional epochs?
I don’t want to start over again, I want to continue fine-tuning my previous model because it already costs me some dollars !!!
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It’s amazingly simple: instead of specifying “davinci” as the model you will train, you specify your prior fine-tune model.

Note: you’ve only got three months before davinci is turned off. You’ll want to migrate to its replacement davinci-002, also cheaper to train and use.

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I tried it in that way but an error showed up to me that I should only use a model from this list : davinci, ada, curie…

That is rather peculiar.

Can I continue fine-tuning a model that has already been fine-tuned?

(, you can pass the name of a fine-tuned model into the model parameter when creating a fine-tuning job. This will start a new fine-tuning job using the fine-tuned model as the starting point.

You could have a mismatch between the endpoint you are using for tuning and the model. There are two different endpoint URLs for fine-tune and fine-tuning, and you must use the legacy for legacy. They have completely screwed up the documentation for older endpoint and models.

Also depending on your method, we have openai libraries being updated for new features, maybe trying to auto-select models and endpoints.

I wouldn’t invest more in the old davinci from 2022. You could make 5 “davinci-002” models with experimenting on different epochs for less cost than continuing.

I have tried to finetune with GPT3.5 but I only have free credits so It’s refused
I’m from Tunisia I can’t upgrade and pay OpenAI. We aren’t allowed to have international cards or either using Paypal, we only have an “international” card called CTI “Card Technologique Internationale”.Does Openai accept it to upgrade and pay for APIs?

Tunisia is a supported country. Actually getting your payment method may be different than the policy though.

You can only try.

Click “start payment plan” in billing overview. Pick account type. Fill out card information and billing as the same as the banking information for the card. Either it lets you go forward to purchasing credits, or you get a problem.

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It depends if Stripe (the payment processor) takes those cards, OpenAI does not handle card payment processing itself.