Test my Finetuned davinci model with my friend API key

Hi, I have finetuned a davinci model with my free credits .So, I consumed it all
I want my friend to use his free credits to finetune it more or to send api requests to the model with his api key
How can I do it , please ?

Accounts and organizations are separate, as are fine-tune models specific to an organization. There is no transferring of credits between accounts.

The way to do it is to “start payment plan” in your account, and purchase prepayment credits. Then also, you will be able to train the davinci-002 model at 1/10th the cost, and your find tune model won’t be deleted January 4 2024 when davinci is retired.

give me ,please, any solution to let my friends fine tune it more ?
You must set up a unique organization ?
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There is no solution. Fine-tune of new modern AI models is not available to users with only free trial and no other payment options available.

One can make a payment to put purchased credits into the account (minimum $5), and then they will, as I say, be able to use the free credit balance of the account to fine tune a less expensive model.

OpenAI doesn’t offer free services forever for users resistant to giving the company any money.

We’re working as a group project to use api models and we"re from Tunisia we don’t have international cards and we can’t use paypap.Please, help us
I mean how can I enable my friend to finetune more my “davinci” model with his own free credits !!!
If I invite him as a member with owner permission , what can he do ? he can finetune it or just sending api requests ? and it will be using his or mine credits ?
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If invited to your organization, someone can either spend organization money on organization models, or spend their money on their models, by picking the default organization below API keys.

My credits have finished , we need as a group to test the model we have finetuned to validate our project!
Is there any solution to this problem ? How can I use my friend’s credits on my finetuned model ? please any solutions
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You will ned to add a payment method to your account, trained models cannot be transferred to other accounts.


Can he invoke my finetuned model with his credits ?

Could you approx help me in this situation :I want to finetune a “davinci” model with 60 examples ! what is the best combinations of epochs and number of examples to get the best result with 5$ ? even just a moderate model, I want just to show the idea of InstructionTuned to my teacher
Thank you in advance

If you are doing this for educational purposes you might be interested in:

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