Updating fine-tuned model data and pricing for updating

Hi, About fine-tuing, after finishing the fine-tunes, later I want to add some other examples to my previous training data file and want to update my model data. Is it possible? If yes, do I have to pay for the new added examples for the update or for the whole data again?

yes,you will be charged for that also.

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Yes, it is possible to fine-tune your fine-tuned models in your account.

You will only need to pay when you “fine tune again” for the new fine-tuning data. Your old / prior fine-tuning data has already been billed and processed into your saved / prior fine-tune model.


If an already optimized model is used, of course, only new data is paid.
I tested the training of a user model several times, the first time the trained model did not look bad, however, training that model again gave very bad results.
I personally decided to train each model with the base model from Open AI. I think it is better to pay a few euros more and get a better model. By the way, I used the Babbage model for the test
I would like to hear if anyone has better experiences than me.

Thank you for the clarification.

I have tried with curie, ada, but the result was bad. I don’t know if I missed some information but only davinci works fine for my project.