Continue fine-tuning from a fine-tuned model

Hi everyone, you can now continue fine-tuning an existing fine-tuned model!

You can give it a try by referencing an existing fine-tuned model name rather than ada/babbage/curie/davinci. For example:

openai api fine_tunes.create -t <TRAIN_FILE_ID_OR_PATH> -m <YOUR_MODEL_NAME>

You can find details in our documentation, we’ll add more tips and examples as we learn more about how folks are using this!


Some people have asked if it’s possible to fine-tune models like TEXT-DAVINCI-002

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We’re working on adding a fine-tunable version of text-davinci-002.

We likely won’t have a fine-tunable version of each base model (e.g. text-davinci-001, text-davinci-002, etc.), we’re instead focusing on delivering the best fine-tuning model for each given capability level.