How to create a new organisation?

I had my account creted with an organisation that I’ve left to have separate billing, but I do not see a way to do it.
The only related FAQ question saying to ask for support in, which leads to the same FAQ response :smiley:


Just to be clear, are you unable to add payment method or are you unable to make API calls?

If it’s the latter, simply use your API key without the organization ID.

I do not have access to the API keys anymore. It says “No ogranisation is selected”

What do you see when you visit OpenAI API

Use the dropdown to select “Personal” as default org

You can also change your organization in the user dropdown on the top-right of the page.

I do not have “Personal”. The list is simply empty.

That’s weird, do you see the same thing when you go to settings? Also what does the information icon next to No org say?


You should definitely contact support on Use the button in the bottom-right to message them.

Thanks, I’ve already done that. Though, I though that community can help me a bit faster :smiley:

If it’s about less delay, then you can create another account, and set up fresh from there.

Hi there. Im facing the same issue and the chat/help bubble didnt react. Is there a solution I could do on my own?