How to create another organization in my account?

I cant find the option as mentioned here :

Top right under my profile pic, i try all , but found nothing related to create new organization.

so i can manage/limit the spending by organization.

can anybody showing how?


I too am facing the same issue. Not able to create an organization

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Yup, facing same issue… I am unable to create or modify the organization in anyway.

It’s insane that the hottest tech company could have such a huge UX bug on the main product, having it mentioned in multiple discussions and not have fixed it for 3.5 months! Just changing it to “multiple orgs under one account are not supported yet” or something :joy: Or just hire 5 new devs to implement such basic features, you are swimming in cash…

Create a new user account with another email address.
Invite the first user to the organization of the second account.
Now the first user has both organizations.

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I can’t create another account because my phone number is already linked to the maximum number of accounts, even though I deleted one of my accounts.

Anyone come up with a workaround?