How to chat in direct with a support specialist of chat gpt?

how to chat in direct with a support specialist of chat gpt ? in the bubble button the support is not online its a bot , where can i chat with a person ?


See this thread: Live chat support

ok it say that it has no way to contact support via online chat in direct to talk to human instead of bot

Basically, yes, as far as my experience. I just posted another message there w/ more info. Reply to that thread though instead so we don’t have a duplicate one here.

i try to write a long linkedin ads with history form of text , that attract a maximum of hot business seller in my funnel
can you help me to write the right prompt on chat gpt or playground to get a good result ?
i can tell you what i already try for that
thank you

You should be able to use a language translator for this as it’s a common task. works well for pasted text, also browser extensions/plug-ins that can translate entire web pages, but have you asked ChatGPT to translate for you from your native language to English?

no i talk about what prompt can i use to get the best ads copy not about the translation of the text

Ok, gotcha. This is something you’d normally start a new thread for, and/or try a new forum. I’d also recommend searching Google & YouTube for help w/ ChatGPT prompt engineering. You can try videos such as these and ChatGPT will actually help write the ideal prompts for your needs. The first one is very simple and should give you what you need:

# The ONE ChatGPT Prompt to Rule Them All :crown: (A link is provided in the description that takes you to the prompt so you can copy/paste it into ChatGPT)

# Prompt Engineering Overview

There’s another prompt (which came from a comment from this similar video) to let it do more complex tasks, but I haven’t tried it personally: “Hello, ChatGPT. When I send a prompt, I want you to simplify the demand into multiple core steps (optimally over 20). Then, do each of these steps 1 at a time. When all steps are complete, merge them into 1 with your own steps as a prompt.”

do you know if its possible to extract all sentences of a specifique man from a forum plateform with chat gpt ?

Firstly, did you even try the prompt suggestions I took the time to provide before? You didn’t acknowledge this comment and it took a good amount of time to research this for you.

Extract all sentences? I’m not sure what you mean. You can of course copy/paste the text or export all your conversations via the ChatGPT Settings (see lower-left corner of page in the column). If you mean this help forum, I don’t think the chatbot can do this for you, but you can ask it for other suggestions like tools that might work for this purpose.