How to call the ChatGPT plugin through an API?

I saw on the official blog that it is possible to link an external API (ChatGPT plugin), but I didn’t see how to call the ChatGPT plugin in the example. Do we need to wrap the plugin’s port into a new function and transplant the OpenAPI specification into the function? Or is there another way, such as directly providing the port and access token?

The OpenAI guide can be found here OpenAI Platform
Basically you define a function in your code and then you use a new parameter in the function call to explain the structure of that function and the model can reply with a json object containing the function call parameters if it detects that the function call is needed.

The new function changes are not a direct ChatGPT plug-in integration, just provides similar functionality. In your request you can define a function then have your own code call the same API that a plug-in uses. But you can’t just enable a plug-in for an API request like you can in ChatGPT

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I am looking for information on this topic as well. ChatGPT will no define the YAML file or endpoint for an installed Plug-in if asked to expose it in chat. I even tried to find the endpoint call in browser console but it appears to change and append some sort of token that cannot be reused. Any help is much appreciated!

What are you intending to do? If you are trying to call a third-party plugin’s API from your own code, that may not be advisable. The API’s may not be public, may be restricted by authorization, and are likely not intended for everyone’s use (outside of ChatGPT). It’d be best to contact the plugin author and ask.