How to break down the billing/ cost per assistant?

Hi everyone,
I have various different assistants create for different customers of mine. the functionality is quite nice. The problem now is, I have a single Open AI account with a single “usage” dashboard which I cannot seem to break down by assistant. for each month, I would need the total price that I see to be broken down to each assistant where the cost is incurred. the information must all be there, since Open AI is charging me.

how can I split the cost of my overall account by assistant? I dont want to create tons of different Open AI accounts just to get proper cost control.

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This is one of the major shortcomings of assistants.

The best way is to just get funded out the wazoo and have a major corporation or VC cover your costs lol

But realistically, you need to start thinking about a pricing model. Charging per query and computing your average costs over all accounts seems to be one of the most amenable options out there.

Just be sure to include a fair usage policy in your terms so you have a way to deal with users that potentially incur unforeseen costs.

@nils.lamb – you can see the token usage on a per-run basis via the API. You can list all of your runs, and get the assistant + model + usage params in the run object to calculate the costs here.

Noted on the general ask on having more dashboard visibility into something like this.

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