Need the exact pricing per month for assistants

We currently have 14 different assistants, each with less than 1MB of data attached to it. We have a user base of around one million people and we’re trying to determine the cost of using the assistants API every month. We’re considering a credit-based pricing system and want to know how much we should charge per credit in order to ensure profitability. Can you provide some guidance on this?

The reality is that it’s not easy to estimate your cotst on Assistants, not even by tracking your messages.

The only way is by controlling all run steps and counting the tokens from each and every event and message.

If you need predictability, you need a different stack. The assistant API is in beta and should not be used for production applications.

Other users have the same issue. We’d love to get that predictability, but no word from OpenAI yet.

Ok, thank you so much for the information. What would be the best approach do you suggest for us? We want to have different models with different capabilities. The main reason to choose assistants API is its ability to remember conversations for each user and also the RAG capabilities. What is the best alternative approach you’d suggest?

If you want easy, use managed services like pinecone for rag, still using Open AI LLMs and embeddings.

The Assistant API will not ready for production use-cases in the next months I imagine, but if you want predictability, build it.

If you want cheap and effective, use Qdrant & Mistral, you can start with their managed services and move to your own hosting once you’re ready. Build the conversation memory & the RAG yourself. It’s not that complicated and allows you to build up to your specs rather than depend on a black box.

Best of luck,

PS: Feel free to DM me if you’d want to talk more. Our company, Integrait helps startups with their product buildout, and buildins assistants for SMBs.