Assistant API tokens usage

There is not usage when retrieving run/message/assistant using AssistantAPI, not like ChatCompletion.
Wanted to know maybe there is a way to get the cost/usage or you are working on that.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


There is no method to see how much you’ve been charged per run.

The only report that you get is daily, by model, not exclusive to assistants.

Hiding how much this actually costs in the usage page was rolled out alongside assistants.

That should be the first warning.


It would be beneficial to have usage metrics per assistant, per thread, per message, and per run request, similar to the call reply in the completion API. My objective is to divide usage per assistant and prevent the sending of messages once a specified usage limit (in tokens) is reached. This is a crucial API feature for many of us, and it should ideally be implemented already.

Are you currently working on this feature?

Thank you.


It would be helpful to see usage per assistant, even if not by thread or run.

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For any developers currently building an app using the API and looking forward to bring this app to the market, there is no way we can actually charge our customers based on usage if we are unable to calculate the costs per assistant or per thread.

It is a big blocker in terms of building actual commercial solutions for customers.

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We love the new assistants API, but being able to meter usage is a crucial feature we’d need for us to be able to adopt it.

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