Is There Really No Usage and Cost Reporting via API?

I’ve found the /usage endpoint, but even after extensive experimentation with keys, accounts, orgs, and projects, we cannot seem to get token usage, holistically, across the entire org, broken down by date, project, org, etc. I can see the costs in the dashboard, but we have to export the various different projects individually and then add them all up manually. This is very time-consuming when trying to follow the new guidance from OpenAI regarding projects & keys.

We are trying to report on costs and keep an eye on rogue usage, but without getting these data directly from OpenAI we can’t really mine our own data regularly.

Are there any plans to allow for programmatic usage & cost mining for companies with many users, projects, and orgs? Thanks!

The lack of auditing and accountability is a feature…for OpenAI.

Assistants was accompanied by the release of more obfuscation.