How to automate ChatGPT using webpilot?

Hi I have searched the forum and its clear that openai api does not currently support using plugin via the APi so I am wondering if there is a way I can automate content generation using the webpilot plugin or GPT4 Plus rather than me manually prompting it.


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Well fundamentally, the API isn’t designed to use or need plugins. Ideally you’d use tools like langchain and various libraries and then deploy your service somewhere.

But I think you’re talking about the API playground.

The playground is just there to test the API. It’s been a little neglected for a while now, and I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon tbh.

@Diet is right on the money here.

Theoretically, every ChatGPT plugin developer is making their plugin testable as an API that can be run locally, and every plugin contains information on how it’s used. Combined with the recent introduction of FunctionCalls on the API, a developer putting time into this could make a plug&play solution to make ChatGPT plugins with published code working over the OpenAI Chatcompletion API. It would still necessitate running the plugin somewhere, and to somehow implement the whole authz/authn handling stuff that would be missing for specific plugins.