How I can make sure my customer prompts are not used by OpenAI

I would like to share GPT-3 API with my customers.
My customer prompts are private conversation and I don’t want that OpenAI will use them.
Is there such an option to make isolated conversation that is not taken for training or other usage?

I read several questions and answers in this forum group, however couldn’t find good answer.

Also does Azure OpenAI, can solve this requirement?

Thank you

I am not an authority, here is my taking on this.

Chat-GPT is currently a free service and the terms are there to see including in their FAQ including:

  1. Will you use my conversations for training?
    • Yes. Your conversations may be reviewed by our AI trainers to improve our systems.

From that, I personally have decided that anything I feed in I no longer have control over.

However, when I do want to be assured of privacy I use the OpenAI paid API which has separate terms of service. Which you can find at Terms of Use. But this is not Chat-GPT. It’s pretty good. But not as good.

My reading of these terms is that I retain ownership of both input and output with the proviso that the output I generate my also be generated for other people given their input. In which case I lose ownership. But your input remains yours.

Lastly, I am pretty sure that currently you can not resale Chat-GPT to anyone. I believe it is against the terms of use. But you can with OpenAI and the API.

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