Do OpenAI use customers' prompts for training their models?

I created an OpenAI account and in the first place, $5 was granted. I added my bank details and they charge me from my bank account too. I wonder when I send a prompt to the model do they gather my prompts to train their model further or not? On a LinkedIn post (not from OpenAI) I read that with free chatGPT, they use your prompts but with the paid subscription they don’t. I am not sure about this as I didn’t find it in the OpenAI documentation. So even if they don’t use the paid subscription prompts for training their models, is it possible that with that free $5, they use prompts for training?


I’d hazard a guess and say that the effort required to check the validity of the daft things users input sometimes outweighs their usefulness.
Not a clue though.

Makes sense but with the paid plan, I’m not sure if the users still send silly prompts.

I’ve a paid plan and maybe not silly but certainly plenty of broken ones. Been playing around putting the chat history in as long term memory options and there’s several hallucinated responses and lots of other worthless responses.

So, hope not! Haha

I found the answer which is available at OpenAI API under FAQ:

As of March 1st, 2023, we retain your API data for 30 days but no longer use your data sent via the API to improve our models. Learn more in our data usage policy.