Confidential data handling with GPT3

Hello, quick question… If a company wants to use GPT3 but using their own proprietary and confidential data. What options are available so that under no circumstance the data can be reviewed or accessed by OpenAI?

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According to the OpenAI terms and conditions, the only option you have is to contact them directly and discuss this with OpenAI.


Ya… I tried contracting them for about 5 weeks now. I did just find this article (How your data is used to improve model performance | OpenAI Help Center) TL:DR to the last paragraph, you can opt out with your org ID. I made the request to their support but I would be shocked if I ever see a response.
I also applied to the Microsft Azure OpenAI API key which is supposed to be confidential and private but have also heard only crickets.

Have a lawyer draw something up. Better yet, ask ChatGPT to make you a contract and have a lawyer review it lol

Yes, the bottom line is that you should NOT use any proprietary / secret / confidential information / data / prompts at this time.

This is also stated in the T&Cs somewhere.

I’m sure you understand all that, @usmcferreira

The OpenAI infrastructure is NOT considered secure for any users confidential / proprietary etc data.



I see the last reply is from Feb 2023, Are there any new updates in privacy and security to handle confidential data.
I have also contacted Open AI support to know more about it and different option according to our use case, but no response yet.

Thank you!

Not much new. You can see API Data Usage Policy and Azure OpenAI Data Policy