How do you Manage your GPT's workspace, see stats, etc.?

This link says:

Managing your GPTs

As an owner of your ChatGPT workspace, you’ll be able to check on the settings and performance of your GPTs. Within your account settings at the bottom left of your screen, click on “Manage workspace” to navigate to your workspace settings.

From here, click “GPTs” to see all of your GPTs published. Scroll down to the table view of your GPTs. The table view allows you to edit specific ownership and access of each individual GPT. You can use the filter at the top right of the table to further narrow down GPTs by capabilities and access.

However, I see nothing like this under my settings…neither on OpenAI or ChatGPT? Did they change this feature? Or if not, is it only accessible through GPT Enterprise…or perhaps only if your GPT’s are public and not just for “anyone with a link”?

What’s going on? Any help/resources appreciated. Thanks.

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Hey there!

Do you have a Plus subscription? I see the “My ChatGPT” feature fine.

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Thanks for responding. Yes, I have Plus. Where is the “My ChatGPT” feature you’re referring to? Is it on OpenAI or on ChatGPT? And where on the screen is it, etc.?

Screenshot 2024-03-06 190953

Click your profile/account name, and this list will appear. Clicking the “My ChatGPT” feature allows you to manage your custom GPTs.

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Ah… you mean My GPT’s. Yeah, I have that…I can access them and edit them fine. But I can’t find the “Manage workspace” option that’s highlighted in the OP, which is supposed to show you stats and allow more administrative options.

I think the “Manage workspace” was from an earlier version of chatgpt, but I might be wrong. This might be it’s own setting unique to Teams or Enterprise, but at least for Plus, it no longer exists. My guess is that it turned into the “My GPTs” option.


Ok thanks…that’s what I was thinking. I guess the “analytics” feature is still there in the sense that we can see how many total chats our GPT has had.

While we’re on the topic, do you know of any more extensive links that go beyond the basics, showing how to tailor a GPT further and increase its search results and chats with others?

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